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Some Historical Events (For Reference)

(Submitted by Kay Deuster)

1650-  Charles II of England lands in Scotland & is crowned king
1650 Sept. 3 Cromwell defeats Charles II at battle of Worcester & Charles flees to France
1652 -War between England & Holland
1653 Dec. 16 Oliver Cromwell become Lord Protector of England, Scotland & Ireland
1659 Nov. 7 Treaty of Pyrenees between France & Spain
1664 Aug. 27 Dutch surrender New Amsterdam to English & rename it New York
1665 -April Great Plague in London
1672 -France and England at war with Holland
1681 May 4 Charter of Pennsylvania granted to Wm. Penn
1682 -Louisiana claimed for France by La Salle
1682 -Philadelphia is founded soon after Penn's arrival in Pennsylvania
1684 -Massachusetts Bay charter is withdrawn & the company ceases to exist
1685 Oct. 18 Louis XIV of France revokes religious freedom & forbids practice of Protestantism
1686 -The New England colonies are combined to form the Dominion of New England
1688 -France supports uprising in Scotland
1689 -King William's War - English aided by Iroquois fight the French and their Indian allies from Maine to Canada
1689 -Reign of Peter I - introduces civilization to Russia & moves capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg
1697 Sept. 30 Treaty of Ryswick - France, England, Spain, and Holland sign treaty
1700 -The Great Northern War is fought mostly in Poland
1702 -Queen Anne's War - English take Acadia, which becomes Nova Scotia
1707 May 1 England & Scotland joined under name of United Kingdom of Great Britain
1709 July 8 Charles XII of Sweden is Defeated by Peter the Great of Russia
1713 Apr. 11 Treaty of Utrecht - England retain Gibraltar, and gains Minorca, Savoy is given Sardinia, Austria is given Spanish Netherlands (Belgium) and retain Naples Milan & Sicily
1719 -Colony of Carolina is divided and becomes the royal colonies of North & South Carolina
1733 -Colony of Georgia is founded, the last of the 13 colonies
1733 -War of Polish Succession (Ends in 1738)
1739 -War between England & Spain
1740 -War of Austrian Succession (Ends in 1748)
1743 -King George's War -English aided by the Mohawks and the Iroquois fight the French
1745 -Jacobine Rebellion - The Stuarts try for the last time to take the English throne
1748 Oct. Treaty of Aix-la-Chappelle - Anglo-French frontiers are restored, Austria is given Belgium
1756 June 20 English prisoners are put into the Black Hole of Calcutta by the Nawab of Bengal
1756 -Seven Years War - Great Britain, Prussia, and Hanover are at war with France, Austria, Russia, Saxony, Sweden and after 1762 Spain. Ends 1763
1756 -French & Indian War, extension of the Seven Years War but in America, he American colonists and the English fight French in Canada and on the Canadian-American border
1759 Aug. 12 Austrian and Russian armies defeat Frederick II of Prussia and occupy Berlin
1763 Feb. 10 Treaty of Paris end the French and Indian War in America - France loses Acadia, Cape Breton and all of Canada and most of eastern Louisiana - England receives Florida from Spain
1763 Feb. 15 End of Seven Year War between Austria and Prussia - Prussia become military power
1765 Mar. 22Stamp Act - tax imposed on American by British
1765 Mar 24 Quartering Act - provides for the board and upkeep of British troop in America
1765 May 25 Patrick Henry offers resolutions to Virginia House of Burgesses
1765 Oct. 7 Stamp Act Congress meets In New York and delegates from 9 colonies draw up Declaration of Rights and Grievances
1766 Mar British repeal Stamp Act & pass Declamatory Act giving the King authority to make laws affecting the colonies
1767 June 29 Townshend Acts - new series of taxes for the Colonies
1768 -Russia and the Ottoman empire are at war
1770 Mar 5 Boston Massacre - Several American are killed & wounded by British troops in clashes
1773 Dec. 16 Boston Tea Party
1774 Sept. 5 First Continental Congress is held in Philadelphia
1775 Apr. 19 Battles of Lexington & Concord starts War for Independence
1775 May 10-12 Ethan Allen takes Ticonderogia & Seth Warner takes Crown Point
1775 June 15 George Washington made commander-in-chief of the Continental Army
1775 June 17 Battle of Bunker Hill - Severe causalities on the British but American pushed back
1775July 17 to Mar 17, 1776 Americans lay siege to Boston
1776 July 4 Congress adopts Declaration of Independence
1776Aug. 27 American defeated at Battle of Long Island
1776 Sept. 15 British occupy New York & Washington withdraws to Harlem Heights
1776 Oct. 11-13 American led By General Benedict Arnold defeated in naval battle on Lake Champlain
1776 Nov. 16 British take Fort Washington
1776 Dec. 26 Battle of Trenton - Washington crosses Delaware & defeats the Hessians
1777 Oct. 7-17 Battle of Saratoga - British are defeated & surrender to General Gates
1778 June 18 British evacuate Philadelphia
1778 -War of Bavarian Succession - Austria & Bavaria
1779 June Spain declares war on England
1780 May British take Charleston
1780 July French army of 6,000 land in Newport
1780 Sept. 23 Plot of Benedict Arnold is exposed at West Point
1781 Sept. 30 British are besieged in Yorktown by Washington
1782 Nov. 30 United States & Britain sign Treaty of Paris ending the War for Independence
1787 May Delegates sign the Constitution in Philadelphia
1788 June New Hampshire ratifies Constitution
1789 Apr. 30 Washington 1st president
1789 July 14 Bastille in Paris is stormed - beginning of the French Revolution
1791 Mar 4 Vermont is the 14th state
1791 Sept. 2-7 1,000 counter-revolutionaries killed in Paris
1792 June 1 Kentucky is the 15th state
1793 Jan 21 Louis XVI is guillotined in Paris
1793 Jan 23 Poland & Prussia fight over Polish constitution
1793 Feb. 1 France declares war on Spain, Great Britain and Holland
1793 - 1794 -Reign of Terror in France
1794 Mar 24 Polish uprising defeated by Russian & Prussian army
1794May 6 Haitian revolt against the French
1795 Mar 5 Peace between France & Prussia & Spain in June
1795 Oct. 24 Russia, Prussia and Austria absorb the last Polish territory
1796 June 1 Tennessee becomes the 16th state
1796 Oct. 17 Napoleon drives Austrians from Italy, France annexes Belgium and the left bank of the Rhine
1798 July 21 Napoleon takes Cairo
1798 Aug. 1 British destroy French fleet at Abukir, cutting off Bonaparte army from France
1803 -France & Britain are again at war
1803 Mar 1 Ohio becomes the 17th state
1803 -Louisiana Purchase from France
1804 May 18 Bonaparte is proclaimed emperor of France
1805 Oct. 21 British defeat the French and Spanish fleets
1805 Dec. 2 Napoleon defeat Russians and the Austrians
1806 Oct. 14 Napoleon defeats Prussia and occupies Berlin
1807 June 14 French defeat Russians
1807 July 7-9 Treaty between France, Russia & Prussia
1808 -British fight the French in Portugal & Spain
1809 July 5 Napoleon defeats the Austrians
1810 July 9 Kingdom of Holland is annexed to French empire
1812 Apr. 30 Louisiana becomes the 18th state
1812 June Napoleon invades Russia
1812 Sept. 7 Russians retreat and French occupy Moscow
1812 Sept. 19 Napoleon's retreat from Russia begins
1812to 12-24-1814 War of 1812 - War on Britain by the U.S. due to the imprisonment of sailors, violation of the 3 mile limit and paper blockade
1813 Oct. 16-19 Napoleon is defeated by Prussia, Russia & Austria
1813 -Battle of Lake Erie - Perry defeats the British
1814 Aug. 24 British burn Washington D.C.
1814 Sept. Congress of Vienna end the wars of the Napoleonic era
1815 Jan 8 Andrew Jackson defeats the British at New Orleans after the peace treaty is signed
1815 June 18 Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo by the British
1816 Dec. 11 Indiana is the 19th state
1817 Dec. 10 Mississippi is the 20th state (slave state)
1817 -Seminole Was results in the cession of Florida to the U.S. by Spain
1818 Dec. 3 Illinois is the 21st state (free state)
1819 Dec. 14 Alabama is the 22nd state (slave state)
1820 Mar 20 Maine is the 23rd state (free)
1821 Jan 17 Spain confirms grant in Texas to Austin
1821 Aug. 10 Missouri is the 24th state
1824Apr. 17 Treaty between Russia & the US, Russia is given Alaskan territory
1830Aug. 25 Belgian revolution against the Kingdom of the Netherlands
1836Mar 6 Battle of the Alamo
1836Jun. 15 Arkansas is the 25th state
1837Jan 26 Michigan is the 26th state
1839Apr. 19 Belgium and the Netherlands become separate kingdoms
1845Mar 3 Florida is the 27th state
1845Dec. 29 Texas is the 28th state
1846Dec. 28 Iowa is the 29th state
1846 - 1848 -War between US and Mexico
1847 -Mormons let by Brigham Young settle in Salt Lake City
1848May 29 Wisconsin becomes the 30th state
1848May to May 1849 Revolution in Germany
1848-1849 Revolution in Hungry
1850Sept. 9 California is the 31st state
1854-1856 -Crimean War, Great Britain, France, Turkey, and Sardinia battle against Russia
1858May 11 Minnesota become the 32nd state
1859Feb. 14 Oregon enters the union as the 33rd state
1859Oct. 19 Raid on Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
1859Dec. 2 John Brown is hanged
1860Dec. 20 South Carolina secedes from the union
1861Jan 29 Kansas become the 34th state
1861-1865 -The American Civil War
1861Apr. 12 Bombardment of Ft Sumter in Charleston harbor by the confederate forces
1861Jul. 21 First battle of Bull Run. Union troops are routed
1862Mar 9 The Union iron clad Monitor defeats the confederate ironclad Merrimac.
1862 Sept. 15 Confederate Gen. Stonewall Jackson captures Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
1862Sept. 17 Battle of Antietam, Maryland. Confederate Gen. Robert E Lee is checked and driven back to Virginia
1863May 1-4 Battle of Chancellorsville. Union forces defeated by the confederates & Gen. Jackson is killed
1863Jun. 20 West Virginia becomes the 35th state
1863Jul. 1-3 Battle of Gettysburg. Lee forced back to the Potomac
1863Jul. 4 Vicksburg surrenders to the union troops
1863Nov. 23-25 Battle of Chattanooga Confederate troops driven out of Tennessee
1864May 5-6 First Battle of the Wilderness, near Chancellorsville, Virginia Grant holds his ground against Lee
1864 May 5 - Dec. 20 Union general Wm. Tecumseh Sherman marches through Georgia to the sea
1864Oct. 31 Nevada becomes the 36th state
1865Apr. 09 General Lee surrenders to Union forces at Appomattox
1865Apr. 14 Lincoln assassinated
1866 Jun. - Aug. Seven Weeks war, Bismark provokes Austria
1867Mar 1 Nebraska is the 37th state
1867Mar 30 Seward Folly, U.S. acquires Alaska from Russia
1870-1871 -Franco Prussian Wars
1876Jun. 25 Custers last stand, Little Big Horn, Montana
1876Aug. 1 Colorado enters the union as the 38th state
1887Jan 20 Pearl Harbor is obtained from Hawaii by the U.S. as a naval station
1889 Nov. 2 North Dakota & South Dakota become the 39th and 40th states
1889Nov. 8 Montana becomes the 41st state
1889Nov. 11 Washington becomes the 42nd state
1890Jul. 3 Idaho becomes the 43rd state
1890Jul. 10 Wyoming becomes the 44th state
1896Jan 4 Utah becomes the 45th state
1898Feb. 15 US battleship Maine explodes in Havana Harbor
1898Dec. 10 Treaty of Paris ends the Spanish-American War
1907Nov. 16 Oklahoma becomes the 46th state
1912Jan 6 New Mexico become the 47th state
1912Feb. 14 Arizona becomes the 48th state
1914Jul. 28 to Nov. 11, 1918 World War I
1914 Aug. 1 Germany declares war on Russia
1914Aug. 3 Germany declares war of France
1914Aug. 4 Great Britain declares war on Germany
1914Aug. 23 Japan declares war on Germany
1914Aug. 30 First Germany raid on Paris
1914Sept. 5-12 Battle of the Marne on the western front
1915May 17 Sinking of the Lusitania
1917Apr. 6 U.S. declares war on Germany
1917Dec. 9 Jerusalem is taken by the British
1918Jul. 15-Aug. 7 Second Battle of the Marne
1918Nov. 11 Armistice on the Western Front
1929Oct. 29 Crash of the New York Stock Market begins the depression in the U.S.
1933 Jan 30 Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
1933Feb. 27 Burning of the German Reichstag by the Nazis
1934Jan 26 Poland & Germany sign a non-aggression pact
1934Mar 22 Philippine independence granted by the U.S. to begin in 1945
1936Jul. 18 to Mar 28, 1939 The Spanish Civil War
1938 Mar 12 Germany invades Austria
1939Sept. 1 to Sept. 2, 1945 World War II
1939 Sept. 3 England & France declare war on Germany
1940 Apr. 09 Denmark & Norway invaded by Germany
1940Jun. 10 Italy declares ware against Great Britain & France
1940 June 14 German troops occupy Paris
1941Apr. 6 German troops invade Yugoslavia & Greece
1941 June 22 Germany invades Russia
1941 DecemberJapanese attack Pearl Harbor
1941 Dec. 10 Luzon (Philippines) occupied by Japanese troops
1941 Dec. 11 Guam occupied
1941 Dec. 23 Japanese take Wake Island & occupy Honk Kong
1942 Jan 2 Japanese troops occupy Manila
1942 Jan 23 Battle of Macassar Strait. U S and Dutch forces inflict losses on Japanese
1942 Feb. 1 Japanese bases in the Marshall & Gilbert Island are attacked
1942 Feb. 27 to Mar 1 Battle of Java Sea won by Japan
1942 Mar 13 Japanese troops land in the Solomon Islands 
1942 Apr. 9 Bataan falls to the Japanese
1942 Apr. 18 Bombers led by colonel James Doolittle, from the U S carrier Hornet, raid Tokyo
1942 May 4-8 Battle of the Coral Sea
1942 May 6 General Jonathan Wainwright surrenders Corregidor to Japanese
1942 June 3-6 Battle of Midway. Japan received heavy losses
1942 Aug. 7 U S troops land on Guadalcanal
1942 Oct. 26 1st Battle of the Solomon Islands
1942 Nov. 2 British 8th Army defeat Germans at El Alamein
1942 Nov. 8 Anglo-American forces invade North Africa
1942 Nov. 30 US naval victory in the 3rd battle of the Solomons
1943 Feb. 2 Russia rids Stalingrad of German forces
1943 Feb. 8 End of Japanese resistance on Guadalcanal
1943 May 12 End of German resistance in North Africa
1943 June 22 Allies land in New Guinea
1943July 9-10 Invasion of Sicily
1943 Oct. 1 US forces capture Naples
1943 Nov. 1 US troops land on Bougainville in the Solomon Islands
1943 Nov. 20-24 Gilbert Islands of Tarawa and Makin are captured by U S forces
1943 Dec. 26 Allied Troops land on Cape Gloucester, New Britain
1944 Jan 22 Allied forced establish a beachhead at Nazi
1944 Jan 31 US troops attack the Marshall Islands
1944 Feb. 16-17 US Navy attacks Japanese main fleet at Truk, in the Caroline Islands
1944 June 6 D-Day Invasion. Allied troops land on Cherbourg peninsula
1944 June 15 to July 8 US forces take Saipan in the Marianas islands
1944 June 17 British cities are bombed for first time by V2’s
1944 June 19 Battle of Philippine Sea. Heavy losses to Japs
1944 July 20 US troops land on Guam, Marianas Islands
1944 Aug. 15 US 7th Army land in south of France
1944 Aug. 25 Liberation of Paris by U S & French troops
1944 Sept. 17 Allied airborne troop land at Arnheim, Holland
1944 Dec. 16-26 Battle of the Bulge, Belgian & Luxembourg sector
1945 Feb. 4 US forces enter Manila
1945 Feb. 19 to Mar 16 Battle of Iwo Jima
1945 Apr. 1 to June 21 Invasion of Okinawa by U S troops
1945 Apr. 30 Hitler dies
1945 May 7 Germany surrenders unconditionally
1945 May 8 V-E Day. The War ends in Europe
1945 July 5 Reconquest of the Philippines is announced
1945 Aug. 6 Atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan
1945 Aug. 9 Second atom bomb is dropped on Nagasaki, Japan
1945 Sept. 2 V-J Day

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